Google will bring live TV to the Internet?

Google is rumored to be able to bring the internet to use the service tv streaming system.

Forward to realize this idea, google can establish a working relationship with the cable tv service providers in order to deliver service with the type of service over-the-top.

Rumored phonearena (16/7), is now the rumored Google's approach in the cable tv service provider company named woo the media to do the acquisition.

However, the alerts also said that if these acquisitions can be difficult to be realized because the media itself is rumored to woo remain unwilling to be taken over by any company.

Google idea to provide internet to the tv show itself is not the first step undertaken major technology companies. at first, Intel, Sony, and Apple is also rumored to be used to do the same, however still has not materialized to date.

EA Showing Screenshots Off The Latest Racing Game Need For Speed Rivals

Welcome the presence of the next-gen game console xbox playstation one and 4, on the moon. May 2013 the other day electronic arts (EA) with the presence of special introducing the latest series of the franchise game need for speed (NFS). nfs the latest series to be titled rivals need for speed (nfs rivals), who contrived to run on next-gen console platforms.

Approximately two months. since his encounter, and EA showed off some screenshots from the game NFS rivals. Gamepur written page, Monday (07/15/2013), seem to present EA NFS series rivals with a similar theme to the series at the beginning, need for speed: hot pursuit, released in 2010. possible in this game players to be able to act as drivers and police in each mission.

Besides that, in the first ever EA also mentioned that NFS rivals already supported by the latest game engine made ​​by EA, ie frostbite 3. as info, the game engine was first used in popular game titles like Battlefield 4 and mass effect 3.

Not only with the quality of graphics that spoil the eyes, NFS rivals can carry something that is the main feature Alldrive. This feature can visualize something that can obscure the gameplay plans limit on single player and multiplayer modes. with the open-world scheme, possible future gamers to play with berkejasama and compete with other players playing in the same environment.

Not just for xbox one and playstation 4, NFS rivals also reportedly be available for other platforms like the personal computer (PC), PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. EA has confirmed to release a new need for speed rivals on 19 november 2013, to coincide with the launch of Xbox and PS4 to market one.

Ios 7 Beta 3 Is Added to Iphone, Ipod and Ipad

Ios 7 Beta 3 Is Added to Iphone, Ipod and Ipad

Apple has released ios 7 beta 3 for developers in the sampled iphone, ipad, ipad mini, and ipod touch. interested in trying?

As reported by the boy genius report, the Cupertino-based company has been doing as much improvement on the ios 7 beta 3. Working fillings include features airdrop, airplay, calender, to icloud.

Ios 7 is said to bring good news in terms of design. mobile operating system was first exhibited in the arena of world wide apple developers conference (WWDC) 2013.

Ios 7 is a big change since the introduction ios for iphone. This is a package with lots of new features along with amazing interface to the user, said Apple CEO Tim Cook, at that time ..

Not only more colorful, ios 7 appearance also is no longer monotonous like in the first version. try to look at the slide to unlock is currently switching from left to right, so from the bottom up.

Besides that, open the control center and not just from the top down, but can also be from the bottom up. interesting because, there are gradations of color as well as the withdrawal of invisibility.

Another change in the offer is, most iconic natural also change the default application. brighter, simple and elegant.

Not less interesting photo gallery that carries the great turnover where now users can also mengkelompokkan pictures according to time and location, similar in iPhoto. However, apple call it a moment.